How to create a stylish bathroom

Posted: Mar 04 2015

Bathroom styling tips
Bathrooms have a functional everyday purpose however this doesn't mean they need to remain tasteless and boring.
Even the smallest of bathrooms can be jazzed up to be your very own 'luxury escape'. Ensure your bathroom space remains clutter free by installing and utilising storage space wherever possible. Trays and jars will help display your accessories in a tasteful manner. Using glass jars will help a smaller space feel larger, while also maintaining a touch of elegance. Adding transparent vases with green plants will also help create an 'oasis' feel, while also allowing light to pass through and enhancing the current space.
Storage baskets and clever storage tricks will go a long way. Think of using the space above the bathroom door for shelving, as this can be a great 'hidden place' for shelving as it often goes unnoticed when first entering a bathroom. Storage baskets are a great way to hide otherwise cluttered necessities - even more so if your vanity cupboard is limited. Use glass jars, vases, trays and mirrors to help the space feel larger ...Re-using those old coffee jars will go a long way here.
For smaller spaces, choose matching floor and wall tiles to create a seamless flow. Be cautious of using heavily patterned or heavy block of colour with your accessories, as this may make the room feel smaller and closed in.
Opt for colourful towels if you have a neutral bathroom. Or vice versa. The towels will help soften the feel of hard surfaces within a bathroom. Create soft layers by adding a smaller towel on top of the larger one. Try to choose a different hue for the smaller towel, whether it is lighter or darker, creating a  little contrast against the larger towel.
Using matching soap and shampoo dispensers will help reduce clutter around the tub and shower area, while also giving your vanity a sophisticated look.
Place scented candles around the room*. Also consider filling a glass jar with smaller floating candles. They will add a luxurious look to the room, while also being stored effectively.
*Always be careful with where you position candles, ensure they are not prone to be accidentally knocked over and avoid placing near towels, blinds, mats or curtains.

Follow these tips and you'll be on the way to creating a beautiful and stylish bathroom.

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