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Paint good enough to eat (almost): Non-toxic range by Murobond

Posted: Feb 18 2015

Ever wondered what that ‘new paint’ smell’ actually is?
Well, it’s high level of VOC (volatile organic compound), which is basically a no-go nasty chemical that you really don’t want to be breathing.
So our advice? Select a paint with low or no VOC’s by choosing a paint with natural based ingredients. We’ve found Murobond paints to not only look great, but their low environmental impact and wide selection makes it easy to choose a paint colour for your home.
The VOC’s have been minimised or reduced to zero across their product range, and exceed Government Paint Committee requirements.
The Murobond ‘Natural’ range comprises of ingredients such as fresh milk, egg white and vinegar. And when you have left overs, it’s safe to pour into the garden. Now that’s a paint that’s almost good enough to eat!

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