Bring a little romance into your home with these easy ideas

Posted: Feb 14 2015

Feeling overwhelmed on Valentine's Day? Not sure where to start or what to buy - you're not alone! Fear not, Melanie from Meticulous Decorating shares her tips on how to survive (and enjoy!) this romantic weekend. Whether you have someone to call your own, are looking for love, or happily single on Valentine's Day is a day of love for all. Let me help you make this Valentine's Day the best one yet with these simple ideas to add more love to your day.
1. Treat yourself. 
An important person to show love to is... YOU! When was the last time you treated yourself to a bouquet of flowers? Or purchased a piece of gorgeous art just for you? Or rewarded yourself with that beautiful handmade cushion you've been eyeing out for so long?
Start the day with a morning walk or a trip to the markets before work. This will help clear your mind allowing you to re-focus, re-energize and re-love yourself.
Pick a posie of flowers for your breakfast table. This brings a sense of life & beauty into your home and can cost next to nothing. Shower yourself with thoughts of love and self care. It's amazing how much love we can give out, when we first learn to love ourselves. Not quite sure how to decorate the table with flowers? Watch the tutorial below this blog for a quick how-to guide.
2. Create a table of 'Love'
Making dinner for a friend of lover? A pre-set table with personal decorative touches will wow your guest and ensure they feel loved & appreciated. Adding wine glasses and candles help to create instant ambience. It's so simple but sets a strong air of romance and mood.
Image credit: Fiona Henderson
For that extra special romantic touch, get creative and decorate with paper hearts. Delicately scatter them around the table (remember less is more) and combine with red or pink table linen... you could even use black table for something a little naughty! Write short heart felt messages on napkins or on even on post-it-notes
Image credit: Abdul Rahman
3. Bring on the candles!
Beautifully scented candles and diffusers are a sure way to stimulate your partner's senses. They add warmth to the starkest of rooms, and create an instant romantic mood. A particular favourite of mine is a Grapefruit & Jojoba fragrance. It has sweet and tropical scent, however it's not too overpowering on a Summery Valentine's night.
Combine this with a scattering of roses and and the effect is amazing - not to mention the fragrance. When purchasing flowers, ask for rose petals in the same colour and sprinkle across your bed... or make a trail leading your partner to the love zone!
However you choose to celebrate this Valentine's Day, we hope you feel loved, cherished and adored.
Melanie runs Meticulous Decorating in the Sunshine Coast with her husband Dustin.
See more of her amazing work at
Video tutorial: How to decorate with flowers
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