5 easy tips to decluttering your home

Posted: Jan 21 2015

    1. Work in zones:
    Start with 1 room and work clockwise around the house. Within each room, target each zone eg for the kitchen start with individual drawers then shelf by shelf for the pantry.
    2. Be ruthless: 
    Pull everything out and lay it in one area. This could be out on the lawn or on the floor of each room. Then start going through it and placing them in x3 piles.
    Pile 1: Keep
    Pile 2: Sell
    Pile 3: Donate to a charity or Recycle
    You need to be ruthless with this; start thinking about items you haven’t used in the last 12 months. Chances are, if you haven’t used it in 12 months, you’re not going to miss it – so pop it into Pile 2 or Pile 3. However there can be certain items that have sentimental value. For this, place a cap on sentimental items. I suggest placing a limit at 5 items.
    3. Swap old for new:
    For each new item that your purchase, make sure 1 existing item is donated or sold. This will help prevent a mass pile of unwanted goods in the future and makes de-clutttering down the track whole lot easier.
    4. Clever storage:
    Think long and hard about how you will store your ‘keep’ pile. Will they be thrown back into the bottom of a drawer never to be seen again? Or will you consider implementing some clever storage options such as shelving or baskets. Even if you have a small area, you can utilise unseen areas such as the area above your bathroom door to store toiletries, or installing a storage system underneath your staircase. For kitchen drawers, you can implement a desk tray or table storage to organise & store items. It’s all about being able to easily locate an item, which means you are more likely to use it.
    5. Allocated baskets:
    Set up a basket or container labelled, each assigned with each a family member’s name on it. This will be the ‘lost and found’. Each time you clean the room, toss the ‘clutter’ into the allocated family member’s basket. Once full, this will become that person’s responsibility to clean, relocate or discard the item.
    Have you de-clutttered your home? We'd love to know your thought and ideas - simply leave a comment below.
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