Recycled goes Suave: The Shustov Brandy Bar

Posted: Nov 14 2014

The Shustov Brandy Bar by Belenko Design Band

This masterpiece created by Ukrainian architect Denis Belenko, just goes to show how very suave recycled objects can be.
The Shustov Brandy Bar, located in Odessa, Ukraine incorporates materials from it’s previous life as a Brandy factory.
All the decorative features in the bar were reused items from the old factory, including the wooden bottoms of barrels re-purposed into acoustic filters.
They also doubled as a covering  for the necessary waterproofing materials, as the bar is located in the actual basement of the former factory. 
Glass brandy bottles were used at the entrance to help create atmosphere of ‘drinking’ (not quite sure if i agree with this influence, but the execution is truly admirable). 
The brick floors are also washed once a day with a mixture of water & brandy to enhance the sensory experience, expanding further from just the visual and tactile wonders of the interior. The architect has transformed old factory materials into something that is truly chic and remarkable. A fantastic example of how recycling can also be sophisticated, The Shustov Bar by Belenko Design BandPhotography © Pavel Babienko.
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